A Visit from the Iowa Grandparents

Near the end of August, John’s parents came to visit. While they were here, we headed into DC and visited the Newseum and the U.S. Botanic Garden and ate a delicious dinner at Carmines. We also visited Gettysburg. Unfortunately, David did not really tolerate the Gettysburg museum well (he’s normally super low key). So, he and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways to be happy, and bonus, I dropped my phone and cracked my screen haha.

Of course, the main attraction John’s parents wanted to see while they were here was their grandson 🙂 They were here for a week, and we enjoyed spending time with them. I especially appreciated them watching David for me while I went to a hair appointment that ended up being four hours (that’s a story for another day, but I loved how my hair turned out in the end, so it’s a win!).

David touching a piece of history at the Newseum.
At the top of the Newseum.
David didn’t want to take a picture with mom…
…but he was all smiles for dad!
John’s parents in front of the U.S. Capitol Building.
David’s preferred way to tour the botanic garden – napping with one foot up.
Waiting for our dinner.
David and Grandma Lori.
David having fun with Grandpa Marty.
One final picture the night before they headed back to Iowa.

Myrtle Beach 2018

During the first week in August, we went down to Myrtle Beach and visited my Aunt Diana and Uncle Kevin. This provided David with his first ever beach experience. I think he was a little concerned by the water at first, but ultimately learned to love it (as evidenced by the pictures below). We had fun playing games, eating delicious food, visiting the beach, and enjoying time with family. John and I even went on a date to play mini-golf where the world championship of mini-golf is played each year.









Baby David: Ten Months

Once again, I am about 10 days late posting my monthly update on David. He is now officially 10 months! He seems more and more like a little toddler than a baby. A couple nights ago, I watched a video from when he was 3 months old and couldn’t believe how much he’s changed in just seven months.

Fun facts about David at 10 months:

  • He has his two center bottom teeth.
  • He has learned to crawl. He crawls about 50 percent of the time and scoots around on his stomach the other 50 percent of the time.
  • He pulls himself up to stand and likes to walk along furniture.
  • He’s tried to stand on his own a couple of times.
  • He loves pretty much all food. He sticks cheerios and frozen peas in his mouth by the fistful. We’re trying to teach him to pick them up one at a time.
  • He loves cars. We have a bin of cars that he can sit and play with for an hour at a time. Some days he’ll pull out all the red cars, and other days he’ll pull out all the yellow cars. Red and yellow seem to the be the colors he’s most drawn to.
  • He’s pretty happy most of the time (although we did have some serious whiny weeks during the last month).
  • He makes coo-ing sounds as he falls asleep.
  • He got sick for the first time during the last month.





Hawaii 2018


At the end of June, John had a 10-day work trip to Hawaii. He asked me if I wanted to go with him for part of the trip. I jumped on the opportunity! My Daly grandparents met and were married in Hawaii, and I’d always wanted to go. My mom graciously agreed to watch David while we were away.

We spent the entire time on the island of Oahu. We stayed in Waikiki beach and were able to tour different parts of the island. Highlights of the trip include visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center, visiting Pearl Harbor, and taking in the beautiful scenery as we traversed the island.

One thing that fascinated me was how far we could go out in the ocean at Waikiki beach and still touch the bottom. One day we were about 100 yards out and the water was only waste deep. The waves are very calm this time of year, and we enjoyed floating on inner tubes.

The view from our hotel room.

Our hotel room overlooked the ocean. On Fridays in Oahu, they shoot off fireworks around 8 p.m. We were able to sit on our balcony and watch them. We also happened to be in Hawaii on July 4. Once again, we were able to sit our balcony and watch the fireworks.


We loved all the unique foliage.



On board the USS Missouri.


The LDS Temple where my Daly grandparents were married.

Baby David: Nine Months


This post is about ten days late… David has grown so much in the last month, not necessarily in size, but in ability and cognition. It’s amazing to watch his brain work and discover new things.

Fun Facts about David at 9 months:

  • His first tooth appeared.
  • He can push himself up from his stomach into a seated position.
  • He can pull himself up on furniture so that he is standing.
  • He enjoys bath time and playing with bath toys. He studies his hands as he moves them in and out of the water.
  • He’s very vocal and makes lots of different sounds.
  • He can scoot/army crawl very quickly. I’m not sure he’ll ever truly crawl because he’s become so good and proficient at scooting.
  • He consistently naps each morning and afternoon.
  • He’s started eating puffs and cheerios. When I first gave these to him, he seemed very confused.




Baby David: Eight Months

He loves to moved around and put everything in his mouth.

A couple days ago, David turned eight months old. I really enjoy the stage he’s in right now. He can sit on his own and play with toys for long periods of time without getting bored. He smiles and laughs all the time. Here are some fun facts about David at eight months:

  • He still has a toothless, gummy smile.
  • He’s getting really close to crawling. A couple weeks ago, he learned how to lay on his stomach and scoot himself backwards (and get stuck under couches haha).
  • Just in the last few days, he’s begun scooting forward.
  • He has great balance and learned this month how to sit on his own.
  • He’s becoming more distracted while eating and likes to roll out of his boppy and roll around sometimes while drinking his bottle.
  • He likes pretty much all food but bananas (which still makes me sad because I love bananas).
  • He likes when we play the song “The Middle” by Maren Morris.
  • We started bathing him without his bath seat. He really enjoyed that for about a week, but now he seems to not enjoy bath time. Consequently, we’ve started using the seat again.
  • He says “dadadadadadada” all the time.
  • He enjoys going on walks and kicking his legs while he’s in the stroller. Whenever his legs are dangling in any seat, he’ll always, always kick his left leg up and down.
  • We’ve pushed his bedtime back to about 7:30. We’re not super strict about this because it depends on when and how long he napped that day. But he’ll generally always go to bed between 7 and 8 p.m. He generally wakes up between 7 and 8 a.m.
  • He’s started eating solid foods at twice a day. Here’s what/when-ish he eats: 8 a.m. – 2 ounces of rice cereal and a 7-ounce bottle; 12 p.m. – 4.5 ounces of baby food and a 4-ounce bottle; 4 p.m. – 8-ounce bottle; Between 9 and 10 p.m. – 8-ounce bottle.
  • He enjoys going to the grocery store and sitting in the front of the cart.
  • He’s become a much better napper. He naps twice a day for 1-2 hours each time. He goes down for his first nap between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. and again between 2 and 3 p.m.
  • We took him to the doctor for a non-routine appointment for the first time last week. His eyes had been red and puffy for a few days and he developed bumps on his arms and legs. He had no fever and was acting totally normal though. Turns out the eyes are probably just irritated by pollen and the bumps are nothing to be concerned about and will go away.
He scooted backwards from his mat and ended up under the couch.






Trip to Iowa

The Friday before Memorial Day, we headed to Iowa. We left Friday evening and drove a few hours to a hotel. We got up the next morning and drove the rest of the way. We drove home the following Saturday.

Highlights of the trip include a cookout with the extended Longenecker family, a Memorial Day service at the Walcott Cemetery (where John’s Grandpa’s name was read), eating delicious Whitey’s ice cream, attending the Nauvoo Temple, and simply enjoying time together as a family.

Our trip also included the funeral of a family friend of the Longeneckers. The passing of this friend was unexpected. It was a tender time. I wrote about my experience attending the funeral in my last blog post.



David’s first experience at Happy Joes Pizza. He liked watching the train.


“Little” David sitting in the chair his great grandma bought for “Big” David when he was a little boy.